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Comprehensive Service
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At MAWeb, our aim is to let you focus on growing your business while we handle every aspect of your digital presence. Our comprehensive service offers a full range of marketing support, leading to revenue growth and the building of a strong online brand.

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Comprehensive Service

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The recurring services we offer include Google Ads, Meta Ads, with a minimum contract period of two months. After that, there is the option to cancel the contract at any time!
In today's digital campaigns, traditionally, humans who might make mistakes manage them. However, in our approach, computers, which operate purely on analytical data and not on intuition, manage these campaigns. The evolution of AI recently has enabled highly accurate calculations and predictions for digital campaigns, making the process more efficient and less prone to error.
For billing, we've developed flexible options for our clients, ranging from fixed cyclical payments to percentage-based settlements on the results achieved, allowing for tailored financial arrangements that best suit your campaign's performance and budgeting preferences.