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At MAWeb, we believe the future of digital marketing lies in artificial intelligence. Our goal is to transform traditional marketing methods by applying innovative AI solutions. Our portfolio includes services from modern websites and SEO optimization to advanced digital ads and influencer management, all strengthened by AI. Our AI systems not only increase online visibility but also improve campaign efficiency, delivering significantly better financial results for our clients.

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Artificial Intelligence as the Key to Success: MAWeb founders, Jakub and Jarosław Mielcarek, father and son, have built their company on the pillars of technological innovation and strategic business thinking. Jakub, who created his first website at the age of 7, has realized his vision of simple yet powerful use of AI in marketing by developing their proprietary neural network, which is at the heart of their advanced AI campaigns in Google Ads. Jarosław contributes his extensive experience in building and managing tech companies, ensuring a solid business foundation for the company.

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How We Transform Digital Marketing: Our AI applications encompass advanced data analysis, marketing process automation, precise targeting, and content personalization, collectively creating unique experiences for your customers. We use machine learning algorithms to identify consumer behavior patterns, allowing for more effective and targeted campaigns. This leads to a significant increase in ROI, especially crucial for small and medium enterprises aiming to maximize the efficiency of every dollar spent.

“No Risk” Model

Our Promise to Your Company: We commit to ensuring that your investment in Google Ads-based advertising campaigns brings tangible benefits. Our “No Risk” model assures you pay only for results, reflecting our confidence in the effectiveness of our AI-driven strategies.

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Want to see how AI innovations can genuinely boost your revenues? Let’s talk. At MAWeb, we merge cutting-edge technology with a practical business approach to help your company thrive in the digital world. Contact us to discover how our AI solutions can transform the way you earn from digital marketing. Together, let’s unlock your company’s potential.