We are increasing turnover of

small and medium-sized companies

using the Internet and artificial intelligence (AI).

Look how you can increase your companies turnover by 109.000 EUR in 4 mounths.

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What questions our clients have?

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Our campaigns do not collect privileged data; we exclusively use data from Google's tools.
No, optimizing campaigns will not negatively impact your position on Google. Google allows modifications and automation of their campaigns.
The time it takes to create a website depends on the project's complexity. Using ready-made tools that require only configuration can take about one month. For custom solutions, the timeline can extend from 3 to 8 months, reflecting the increased complexity and bespoke nature of such projects.
Our campaigns integrate data analysis and Machine Learning (ML) to derive the best recommendations for advertising strategies. For a more detailed technical specification, we encourage you to check our Case Study page on our website.