Restaurants – how the synergy of SEO and Google Ads can increase revenue.

Restaurants – how the synergy of SEO and Google Ads can increase revenue.

For Restauracja Prodiż Warszawski, collaboration with MAWeb resulted not only in a significant increase in online traffic and reservations but also in the creation of a modern website that has become the digital business card of the brand. Thanks to an integrated approach, combining SEO, precisely tailored Google Ads campaigns using AI, and a new website, Restauracja Prodiż Warszawski recorded a 550% increase in traffic and the maximum return on investment (ROAS) from Google Ads campaigns at 1562%.

This case study not only demonstrates the effectiveness of well-planned marketing activities in the digital world but also highlights the role of a modern website in building a brand’s online presence. We encourage you to read the full case study on our website to learn how MAWeb can support your company’s growth in a similar manner. Discover the full success story of Prodiż and get inspired to achieve your own marketing successes with MAWeb.


  • Client: Restauracja Prodiż Warszawski (, renowned for its cuisine and atmosphere, decided to increase its internet presence and the number of online reservations.
  • Service package: Website, SEO, MAWeb GAd
  • Goal:
    • Creation of a modern website serving as the restaurant’s business card.
    • Increase the number of active users visiting the website, especially those from Poland.
    • Increase the number of visits to subpages: with lunches, menu, reservations, and contact.
      • Measurement method: report of active users from Google Analytics.
    • Revenue growth generated by the restaurant through reservations made via the contact form on the Prodiż website.
      • Measurement method:
        • return on investment – ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) parameter = campaign revenue / total campaign costs
        • revenues calculated according to parameters defined by Prodiż: average revenue per table, assumed conversion rates for emails and phone calls made through the contact form.


  • Implementation:

The website was developed in an end-to-end mode, where effective collaboration with the client was paramount to ensure the emerging site reflected the business assumptions and expectations of Prodiż. This was achieved by conducting the entire process in accordance with proven implementation practices developed in MAWeb. The site was completed according to the planned schedule. It was very important for the project of the site, its structure, and content to be optimized from the beginning in terms of SEO, which enables achieving higher display positions in the Google search engine.

In the implementation of Google Ads campaigns for Restauracja Prodiż Warszawski, MAWeb used artificial intelligence (AI) technology to precisely target potential customers and automatically optimize bids in real time, significantly increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of advertisements. Through the analysis of large data sets, AI enabled the identification of optimal keywords and audience segments, allowing for the adjustment of marketing communication and maximizing the return on investment (ROAS).

  • Result:

The number of active users increased:

– total traffic by 550% (from 3,180 to 20,680)

– national traffic by 565% (from 2,300 to 15,300)


The conducted Google Ads campaigns generated the following returns on investment:

– Average ROAS – 856%.

– Maximum ROAS – 1562%.